Brand Retail Redesign 

The Ask

Refresh a fading retail brand 


A necessary comfort in an uncomfortable world  

The Situation

There is a current trend of consumers wanting healthier options. Although, they do not look to 7-11 for grain bowls, green juices and kale salads. People go to 7-11 on days they need a break from good behavior. It is a place where they can get what they need without judgement. 

Store Redesign

The new store concept has an updated traffic flow that allows customers to navigate the store easier and faster to ensure efficiency and conveience. 

Mood Board & Store Inspiration

Many people have memories of going to 7-11 as a child, so we gave a nostalgic and retro flare to the design and art direction. 

The tag line your welcome was chosen to convey the message that all people are welcome in 7-11.

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The Team

Elyse Jolley - Strategist 

Jeremy Stokes - Experience Designer

Emily Adamson - Art Director 

Katie Dinardo - Art Director

Rachel Curry - Copywriter 

Shayla Johnson - Creative Brand Management

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