Hi, I'm Shayla.


I’m the black sheep

I was born in Saudi Arabia and traveled to Egypt before I called Virginia home. Growing up in a military family allowed me to be introduced to other cultures. Then, as a member of the Air Force ROTC I was taught discipline, how to make quick decisions under pressure, and time management. Although I did not follow in my father and sister’s footsteps, and decided to go down a more creative path, I took away many life lessons and have even more respect for those who serve.

I’m a team player

I was a competitive cheerleader for 13 years and through it all I made lifelong friends and mentors. Cheerleading taught me hard work, leadership, creativity, and how to work as a team. I learned to not give up if I did not get a new skill the first time,I led the team in practice and on the competition floor, choreographed dance routines and stunt sequences, and worked with multiple personalities. Now, I enjoy cheerleading as a coach and mentor to young athletes.


I am an observer 

I love to try new places and restaurants. Especially the little mom and pop shops or unique places that only the locals know about. I frequently found myself looking to yelp to find the best new and different experiences. I began to review places and rate the service, atmosphere, decor, food, presentation, and the overall experience. I reviewed enough places and became an Elite Yelper.