- Product Relaunch 

The Ask

Build a complete marketing plan to relaunch

Company Overview offers clothes, accessories, gifts etc. They value fun, breaking stigmas, and empowring women Is 

A lifestyle brand




Eccentric Isn't 

A designer brand



For teenagers


Perceptual Map of Competitors  
Where we want to be

Sophisticated enough for the working woman


Casual is becoming the new norm in American workplaces, but where are the clothes to match?


Workplace Trends

Casual dress codes

Flexible work styles

Informal work environments

In a world of dull professional wear, has the opportunity to bring the fun.


For women who want to be professional without losing the fun, is the brand that best outfits them for the life they want to live

Marketing already has a large and loyal social media following that is a great platform to introduce their business casual line. The business casual line would launch on Instagram. Then the line would be promoted on LinkedIn and Pinterest. Finally, there would be a partnership with StichFix to send suggested clothing items to subscribers.

Why it works 

Takes advantage of current business casual trends

Leverages their existing markets

Fills an unfulfilled need

The Team

Rachel Sherman - Strategist

Michelle McGuire - Strategist

Chris Bates - Creative Brand Manager

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