LEGO - Innovation

The Ask


Create a powerful campaign that appeals to teenagers and rebuilds their relationship with the LEGO brand on their terms.  

The Situation


Generation Z values brands who follow environmentally friendly practices. They are more likely to support brands that reflect and share their same personal beliefs. 

The Challenge 


Teens do not care about LEGO anymore. The drop off is a result of teens upgrading to new and less 'child like' interests such as fashion, music, and sports. LEGO needs to show teens why they should value LEGO. 

The Insight


Generation Z wants to contribute to creating sustainable solutions, yet, they are not being given the tools to do so. They feel trapped in a world that is all talk and no action.

They have grown tired of greenwashing - a practice brands use to frame their operations through the lens of sustainability, yet fail to follow through. These teens want to support brands that are authentic and are actively providing solutions they can be involved in. 

The Target


Generation Z teens who already prioritize sustain and attend Green Ribbon Schools (US) or Eco Schools (Internationally).  

The Strategy


Rebuild the world by repurposing LEGO bricks.

The Concept 


The LEGO Lab: A sustainability initiative that collects and melts LEGO bricks, and other ABS plastic items, to be used as filament to produce 3D printed items designed by creatives. 

Gen Z Statistics 


93% believe companies need to fully commit to issues 

85% more likely to buy a product if it is environmentally friendly 

60% want brands to value their voice and opinion 

46% have very strong affiliations to specific brands 

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The Team
Severin Didriksen - Strategist
Danielle Johnson - Experience Designer 
Jessica Fatherly - Experience Designer 
Shayla Johnson - Creative Brand Manager