Playboy - Independent Study 

This project was my independent study, a semester long thesis project that requires all students in the Creative Brand Management track at the Brandcenter to secure a client on their own and work with them to solve a problem or explore a new opportunity.

The Short Version

How can Playboy enter the beauty space?


Beauty consumers do not see Playboy as a beauty brand. 


Playboy is credible in culture. Specifically, the LGBT+ community, exploration, and sexuality. 


Playboy can leverage their core credibilities to enter the sexual wellness category and establish credibility with beauty consumers. 

The Ask
Develop and design Playboy's first owned and operated product in the confident beauty category. Also create a surrounding campaign and social good initiative for its launch. 
The Brand 
Playboy Enterprises has a history of being a platform for leading authors, artists, and thinkers. They want to continue to be a voice for causes they believe in: equity, gender and sexuality, and the pursuit of pleasure. 
The Research
Stakeholder & Beauty Enthusiasts interviews
Beauty and brand perception survey 
Co-creation session & focus group 
Beauty & wellness industry research 
Brand Audit
Competitor Analysis  
The Situation  
Playboy has historically been one dimensional with its representation of beauty. Today, they have had transgender playmates, non-binary representation, and celebrate all body types. Playboy is leaning into their legacy of advocacy to become a more inclusive and relevant brand.
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The Challenge  
Beauty consumers do not see Playboy as an inclusive brand that has the authority to advocate for today's standard of beauty. 
Culture is inclusive of all people, religions, and sexual orientations. Playboy can penetrated the beauty category through culture.  
Playboy has core credibility's in culture that consumers recognize:
LGBT+ Community
Playboy founder and editor and chief, Hugh Hefner was a vocal supporter of gay rights while the Playboy magazine is an advocate for the LGBT+ community.  
63% of people said they would be extremely likely to purchase from a company that supports LGBT+ causes 
Playboy has always encouraged people to explore and pursue pleasure in whatever way makes them happy. A resource used for pleasure, wellness, and anxiety that is often advocated for by Playboy is cannabis. Playboy has donated to causes such as NORML and the Marijuana Policy Project to advocate for cannabis reform and legalization.
32% of people are extremely likely to purchase from a company that supports cannabis reform and legalization
Playboy is known for normalizing sex in conversations. They have created a space for dialogue about sex and sexual wellness. We also see that sex is being more normalized in the media, healthcare, and in pop culture.  
52% of people said sexual wellness is very important to them 
The Opportunity
Playboy can leverage these equities to establish credibility as an inclusive brand in the sexual wellness category.  
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The Takeaway
Sexual wellness and pleasure can be explored through self-care. This is Playboy's way in with consumers because they believe it is authentic to the Playboy brand.  
The Target
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The pathway to personalized self discovery 
AFTERGLOW: A gender neutral, CBD infused product line. 

The name After Glow was chosen because it does not give immediate attention to the Playboy brand, but still establishes brand recognition with the Playboy logo on the back of the product. The name also has a subtle nod to sexual wellness and self-care. 

Embrace all desires to explore the beauty of self-care. 
Product Guidelines
Product Guidelines

Gender Neutral
Gender Neutral

The product design and overall communication is gender neutral and inclusive of all people. 79% of consumers are looking for more gender neutral brands, while many people see self-care as something that is important to them. Additionally, the sexual wellness category is lacking inclusive brands that are not gender targeted.

Sexual Wellness
Sexual Wellness

After Glow will begin in the sexual wellness category because that is something consumers care about, want to be normalized, and is authentic to Playboy. Also, brands being open and transparent about sex resonates with the generation z consumer. The sexual wellness category goes hand in hand with the CBD ingredient because it promotes relaxation.

Product Guidelines
Product Guidelines

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The Afterglow product line will launch in phases with three different collections. This will establish credibility with beauty consumers and allow people to understand Playboy's new mission - Pleasure for all. 
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10% of annual profits are donated to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana
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Launch Party
Launch Party

Overall Look & Feel
Overall Look & Feel

The overall look and feel of the event will be a vapor wave style which is popular with the generation z target market. There will be neon lights that bring out the After Glow name and plants that bring out the CBD element. Additionally, there will be sex positive influencers in attendance.


This is also a fun social event for guests to take pictures and listen to music. They can interact with a Playboy & After Glow branded magazine that is great for social media exposure.

Launch Party
Launch Party

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Creative Team
Rachel Curry - Copywriter
Melissa Poe - Experiente Designer