Tide - Brand to Store 

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The Ask

Go to a grocery store and find a product  that your are interested in then create a retail space based on their brand values

The Situation

Many people in urban areas with high costs of living do not have a washer and dryer in their housing. They often have the task of spending hours at a laundromat 

Our Advantage 

Currently there are no major laundromat chains or franchises. Since Tide is a nationally recognized brand, they would have an advantage going into this market. Cafe Three Fold would differentiate itself by positioning themselves as a community based around Bed-Stuy pride and Tide brand loyalty.

The Strategy 

Cultivate an environment where community expands

The Idea

Establish Tide as a laundromat partnered with a Cafe - Cafe Three Fold . Customers can lounge in the cafe setting while doing their laundry. Tide products will be available for purchase or they can bring their own laundry materials. There will be an app that can alert you when your laundry is finished or when your order is ready in the Cafe. Cafe Three Fold will be a place for the community with community partnerships and community events.

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The Technology

An app will be created to help customers navigate and make the most of their experience at Cafe Three Fold. Functions will include Machine Status, Cafe, and My Account. Customers will be able to set their washer settings from their phone, as well as order from the cafe. They can use My Account to set up an account with money that can be digitally used in any part of Cafe Three Fold - no need for coins!  

The Business Objective  

Building Tide’s brand by launching Cafe Three Fold in the Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy) neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City and selling 250 cups of coffee a day and four turns per machine (TPM) per day on average

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Marketing Objective 

Establish Cafe Three Fold as one of the top three top-of-mind coffee shops for Bed-Stuy residents after 12 months of opening.

The Team

Emily Brown - Strategist

Davis Rhodes - Strategist

Annie Maddox - Creative Brand Manager

Shayla Johnson - Creative Brand Manager