Victoria's Secret - Trend Watching & Innovation 

The Ask
Take a trend, what drives it, and apply it to a stale brand. 
The Background 
Victoria's Secret has high brand recognition but as culture has shifted to a more inclusive idea of lingerie and how women are depicted, Victoria's Secret is facing a threat. They are beginning to lose appeal to shoppers year over year because of lack of evolution and poor brand perception. As a result, their sales continue to decline. Now, consumers are looking toward other brands with women of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. 
The Challenge 
80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Many consumers are not sure how a bra should properly fit or how to go about finding the right fit for their body. 
New bra and lingerie brands are better adjusting to what consumers expect from retail experiences online and in store today. These brands aim to give consumers the best fit and style to address some of the pain points of the bra buying process.
Although, new direct to consumer brands are working to educate their consumers on how to find the right fit, but lack the ability to try bras on in person and interact with a bra expert. Instead, they offer liberal return policies.  
The Opportunity
Victoria's Secret is the largest brick and mortar in the lingerie category and still own 60% of the market. This allows Victoria's Secret to set themselves apart from emerging direct to consumer competitors, with their human experience during the bra buying process. 
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The right fit for all bodies
Creative Concept 
There will be an additional section in the Victoria's Secret store that offers a premium bra line sold at a higher price point - called The Fit. This new line will have extended sizes and be designed to be worn for a customers day to day lifestyle. The employees will have additional training to focus on the right fit based on the individual consumers needs. 
Each store will be updated with a smart fitting room, enhanced with new technology to ensure that each consumer will find a bra that fits them properly,is comfortable, and makes them feel confident.   
Best Fit Mirror 
What: A motion capture mapping cameras and sensors paired with an augmented reality smart mirror.
Purpose: To accurately measure and classify breast shapes in order to give consumers a more comfortable and practical fit for every day. It also enhances the bra buying process by making personalization a priority.
The best fit mirror technology will only be offered in select fitting rooms allowing people to choose if they feel comfortable using the technology.  
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Promotional Plan
Promotional Plan

Social Promotion
Social Promotion

Times Square Display
Times Square Display

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Promotional Plan

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The Team
Madison McCracken - strategist 
Emily Adamson - Art Director
Danny Timbers - Experience Designer 
Rachel Curry - Copywriter 
Shayla Johnson - Creative Brand Manager